Prof's Picks

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Rookie Decks

"These decks are one of the BEST learning tools I have seen. Gameplay is simple, easy to grasp, and fun!"
-The Professor, Tolarian Community College.

Rookie Decks are 60-card decks, perfect for players new to Magic: The Gathering. These decks give players a chance to experience the game in a clear and entertaining way! They come with a keyword glossary and turn order guide. Packed in a clear plastic case, Rookie Decks are ready for you to enjoy!

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Battle Decks

Our team of in-house experts custom build each deck around a theme, packing them full of cool cards and exciting mechanics. Perfect for players looking for something original and fun, these decks are also great for casual and new players alike. Battle Decks come with two unique tokens in a clear plastic case, ready for your enjoyment. Show all

Prof's Favorite Playmats

Deck Boxes

You’ve got piles of decks all over your dorm room and it’s driving your roommate insane, but you don’t know what to do. Can I interest you in a deck box? I know what you’re thinking, why does my deck get an entire box all to itself and I need to share this tiny room with Dave? Life is complicated, but deck storage isn’t. Put those decks in a box! Dave will thank you. Show all


The best thing about Wizard School is all the amazing trinkets! Gaze in wonder at our vast collection of arcane and ethereal marvels. Be the first in your class to show up to the next Magical Mid-term with baubles and oddities the likes of which your classmates have never seen before! We also have dice.


Walking around campus can be dangerous for your Magic cards, there’s any number of hazards to avoid: errant spells, temporal anomalies, and even the occasional planar incursion. Don’t leave your cards at risk, store them safely and stylishly with one of these top-notch binders!