Magic is fun. But you knew that already. Getting you the cards you need to have fun is where we come in. Our team is busy night and day, meticulously packing orders and drawing pictures of Planeswalkers riding unicorns. The little things add up. Sure we have great customer service and the fastest shipping in the business, but it’s our commitment to going the extra mile that makes us who we are.

Card Kingdom is owned and operated by brothers John and Damon Morris. They began their adventures in the collectables game as kids, learning the business by selling baseball cards at local swap meets. In 1999, they opened Card Kingdom in John’s basement, and before long they quit their day jobs to focus full-time on making Card Kingdom the best place on earth to buy Magic cards. Since then Card Kingdom has grown into one of the world’s biggest retailers of Magic: the Gathering, with two brick and mortar locations in the Seattle area.

We’re a family owned business that has been successful because we have the support of our community. If you ask us, it’s only right that we should give back. That’s why we created Engage; our charitable giving program. Through Engage we donate company funds to local causes and host events like the Gauntlet, our annual board game tournament which raises tens of thousands of dollars every year.