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Questions about CSV files or how to use this tool? Check out the CSV Import FAQ

CSV Import FAQ

What is a CSV file?
A file from an application(like Excel), or exported from a MtG Website (like
The default format is:
All other data will be unused

CSV Import

Quickly find the current value of your Magic The Gathering collection, in CSV format, and get paid in a snap!

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Import CSV Options

Choose a method of transferring your CSV Collection data:Make sure the first four columns of your CSV contain: Card Name, Edition, Foil (1/true/yes and 0/false/no), and Quantity.

  1. Upload a CSV file from your local computer
  2. Paste your CSV text below
  3. Enter the full URL to a publicly available CSV file

* The maximum number of cards you can sell to Card Kingdom is 500 unique titles, or a total of 5000 cards.
Cards with a quantity of 0 will be removed from the list, and not processed or displayed.

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Parse CSV with new Fields

No Foils Click this button if your data does not include Foil information.

Set All Qty to 1 Click this button if your data does not include quantity.

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