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Questions about CSV files or how to use this tool? Check out the CSV Import FAQ

CSV Import FAQ

What is a CSV file?
A file from an application(like Excel), or exported from a MtG Website (like
The default format is:
All other data will be unused

CSV Import

Quickly find the current value of your Magic The Gathering collection, in CSV format, and get paid in a snap!

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  • 1Import your CSV card list
  • 2Select the cards you want to sell*
  • 3Get Paid

Import CSV Options

Choose a method for importing your CSV data: A. Upload, B. Paste CSV Text, or C. Link to URL
Make sure the first four columns of your CSV contains: "Title" (in quotes), Edition, Foil (1/true/yes or 0/false/no), and Quantity.

  1. Upload a CSV file from your local computer
  2. Paste your CSV text below
  3. Enter the full URL to a publicly available CSV file

* The maximum number of cards you can sell to Card Kingdom is 500 unique titles, or a total of 5000 cards.
Cards with a quantity of 0 will be removed from the list, and not processed or displayed.

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  • Please click the correct column to identify the required data. (Title, Edition, Foil, Qty)
  • If your data does not include foil or quantity click the appropriate button below the example data.
Parse CSV with new Fields

No Foils Click this button if your data does not include Foil information.

Set All Qty to 1 Click this button if your data does not include quantity.

Clear all card data, and start fresh


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          If the quantity of a card exceeded the quantity we will buy, the remainder will appear below.

          If you are interested in selling the rest of these cards, checkout our Bulk Purchasing Program or contact

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                          Promotional Cards:
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                              If you are having issues or have other feedback on this tool, please let us know.
                              Be sure to add "csv import tool" to the subject line!


                              CSV Import Tool FAQs

                              • What is a .CSV file?
                                A CSV (or comma-separated values) is a simple file format used to store data such as a spreadsheet. Files in CSV format can be easily imported and exported from programs like Excel. Card Kingdom’s import tool requires the use of a CSV to import cards using the import tool.
                              • How can I create a CSV file?
                                A CSV file can created in a text-editor, by hand, exported from an online collection tracker, or a spreadsheet, such as Excel. The file must have the following columns:
                                o Card Name – The name of the card. Misspelled cards will not be identified. Not case-SEnsitivE
                                o Edition – The edition that your card appears in.
                                o Foil - is the card you are selling foil or not. (use 1/true/yes if it is a foil, and 0/false/no if it is not a foil.) (If you are not tracking this information, you will have an option to choose "No Foils" during import process.)
                                o Quantity – The quantity of the card you wish to sell. Must be numeric (use 2, not two).

                                Optimally, the first 4 columns of the csv should follow this format:

                                card name, edition, foil, quantity

                                wrath of god, portal, false, 10
                                Entomb, Odyssey, true, 4

                                Download an example file
                                • When your file is ready in Excel, click File, and then Save As. The default file format will be Excel Workbook. Make sure you scroll down the dropdown menu to change this to CSV (Comma Delimited) and save it.
                                • Highlight and copy the rows and four columns described above (without the header row as the tool will prompt you to match the columns after import) and paste them into the Card Kingdom CSV Import Tool and submit.
                              • What cards can I sell with this tool?
                                You may sell any English language cards to Card Kingdom that are on our buy list.
                                1. If we have an insufficient quantity of a card in stock, that card appears on our buylist and we will pay top dollar for the card.
                                2. Please note- All cards have a maximum buying threshold. If you are selling a quantity of a title that goes over our buying threshold, we will only pay the full buy price until we reach the threshold number. If you wish to sell a larger quantity, we will buy Mythic Rare, Rare, and full art basic land titles as part of our Bulk Program.
                              • How many cards may I sell with the CSV Import Tool?
                                Sell orders are capped at a total of 5000 cards or 500 lines on your CSV file, whichever is less. After transferring cards to the cart, you may add up to 10,000 Rares, 1000 Mythic Rares, and 10,000 full art lands to the order.

                                If you wish you sell your entire collection, please contact

                              • What do I do once I import the list?
                                • Look for any unidentified cards. Any card without an exact match will show up here and can be edited by clicking the pencil icon next to the card title. A few reasons a card may not be accepted are:
                                1. The card name could be spelled incorrectly.
                                2. The card may have been designated a foil when no foil exists for the edition chosen.
                                3. The card does not exist in the edition chosen.
                                4. The edition name specified is not recognized by the import tool.
                                5. The card may have multiple variations, like more than one image. If this is the case, click on the correct version pictured to submit.
                                • Choose what to sell.
                                1. If you are happy with the price for all cards, click the green cart icon at the top of each section to add all cards for that section. If you wish to keep some of the cards, click the green cart icon only next to the cards you wish to sell. In addition, you will be able to remove cards or adjust the quantity you wish to sell for each title after you transfer cards to your cart.
                                2. If you wish to sell additional Mythic Rare, Rare, and/or full art basic land cards, you may now click on the Sell Cards dropdown header, click on Sell MtG in Bulk and add the quantity of each rarity to your cart (note: we only buy bulk cards in NM or EX condition).
                                • Click checkout to sell cards and follow the instructions to create a sell order.
                              • How can I sort, package, and mail my order to Card Kingdom for payment?
                                • When you have successfully imported your CSV, checked out, and are ready to mail in the cards, please be aware that the order will need to be sorted in the following format.
                                1. All buylist cards must be sorted in the exact order that is shown on the Card Kingdom invoice shown at checkout.
                                2. All bulk cards must be sorted by rarity but it is not necessary to sort them alphabetically or by edition. Bulk cards should be placed at the back of the stack of buy list cards.
                                • Failure to sort your cards to our specifications will result in a delay of processing your order or in some cases, having it returned to you.
                                • Please package the cards carefully to minimize damage by the postal carrier. Card Kingdom is not responsible for packages lost or damaged in transit.
                                • Please send the package with tracking. We recommend insuring high value shipments.
                                • Please add the Card Kingdom order number located on your invoice to the outside of the package to speed up processing.
                              • Need more help?
                                Contact Customer Support

                                If you are having issues or have other feedback on this tool, please let us know.
                                Be sure to add "csv import tool" to the subject line!

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