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Cubeamajigs Reusable Gaming Packs - Steve Argyle Each set includes five of each of the five artworks for a set of 25. $24.99
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REP - Artisan Series - Standard Flame Treated Copper Deck Box Same strength and capacity as our standard Steel Deck Box, with a unique new look!

These Deck Boxes are Copper Plated and hand flame treated to bring out unique color in each box. No 2 boxes are alike! These deck boxes are all unique. They have each been Copper plated and flame treated (by hand) to bring out the unique colors of the copper.

After flame treatment, they are powder coated with a Crystal clear powder coat to both prevent further copper oxidation, and also to protect your cards from oxidized copper!

We thought about keeping a raw copper finish, and letting it continue to patina over time... But then we realized the rusting copper could present issues for our cards... So, we clear coated it. (it looks much better for it too!! Trust us!)

Other than that, this has all the same great qualities of our standard Steel Deck Box!
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Ultimate Guard - Superhive XenoSkin 550+ Deck Box This ultimate box leaves nothing to be desired! There is space for everything you will need, with compartments for multiple card decks and cases, two play-mats and accessories like dice, tokens and life counters!

Here are some examples of what this amazing box can hold:
• 6 Deck Case 80+ (+ extra space)
• 5 Deck Case 100+
• 5 Sidewinder 80+
• 4 Sidewinder 100+ (+ extra space)
• 5 Flip Deck Case 80+
• 4 Flip Deck Case 100+ (+ extra space)
• 6 Boulder 80 (+ extra space)
• 5 Boulder 100+
• 2 Flip'n'Tray 80+ (+ extra space)
• 550+ Double Sleeved Cards
• 650+ Single-Sleeved Cards
• 1100+ unsleeved cards
• 230+ Top-Loaders
• 2 Play-Mats
• Dice Tray
• 2 Monolith (+ extra space)

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