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Pirate Lab - Card Carrying Messenger Bag The Pirate Lab Messenger Bag stores and organizes your collectible cards and accessories with style and ease.

Our Messenger Bag is designed to protect and transport deck boxes for Magic: The Gathering*, Pokemon*, and Yu-Gi-Oh!* collectable cards. It can hold up to ten (10) 120 card deck boxes, or sixteen (16) 90 card deck boxes. The bag’s generous interior features two removable velcro dividers that run the length of the bag, and four smaller horizontal dividers to secure deck boxes, and make your bag infinitely customizable. Our adjustable dividers allow the bag to accommodate any size deck box. A velcro loop within the inner compartment secures a rolled playmat.

The Messenger Bag features an interior flat storage pocket, as well as a separate rear compartment, to store a standard 9-pocket card binder or laptop computer. A zippered compartment on the front of the bag organizes pens, notepads, dice, and other accessories. Water-resistant fabric, self-healing zippers, heavy-duty Pirate Lab zipper pulls, an elastic water bottle pocket, and zippered side pocket make this the durable and effective way to carry your cards.

The Pirate Lab Messenger Bag can also be used outside of collectable card play. Remove all interior dividers to use as a traditional messenger bag during the day - then replace the dividers before heading out for FNM!

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Ravnica Allegiance: Guild Kit - Guild Pin This includes one (1) Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kit pins with the Ravnica Allegiance Guild symbol.

The Ravnica Allegiance Guilds are
  • Azorius
  • Gruul
  • Orzhov
  • Rakdos
  • Simic
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