Pro Tour Collector Set

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Imagine yourself among the Final Eight at the New York Professional Tournament. Contending for the first Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour title, you draw the cards that could lead to absolute victory over your opponent. Inside this collector box you'll find the exact decks the top players used at the New York event. Now you can enter the professional arena and play head to head with decks identical to those the pros competed with for the $30,000 cash prize!

Includes eight, gold-bordered decks.
  • Deck 1 - Michael Loconto
  • Deck 2 - Eric Tam
  • Deck 3 - Bertrand Lestree
  • Deck 4 - Shawn "Hammer Regnier
  • Deck 5 - Leon Lindback
  • Deck 6 - George Baxter
  • Deck 7 - Preston Poulter
  • Deck 8 - Mark Justice

    All cards are gold bordered and not tournament legal. Add To Wishlist
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