Theros: Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Edition: Theros
Type: Legendary Planeswalker - Elspeth
Cast: 4 W W
Rarity: M
Collector #: 009
[+1]: Put three 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens onto the battlefield.
[-3]: Destroy all creatures with power 4 or greater.
[-7]: You get an emblem with "Creatures you control get +2/+2 and have flying."

Pro Tip!
This planeswalker dominated her time in Standard. Since she rotated she has popped up from time to time in various Modern decks and still sees quite a bit of play in Commander and Cube. The fact the she can wipe out big creatures and make an army of little ones means she is both a threat and an answer that outclasses most other cards in the game.
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