MTG / Kaladesh


Set Name: Kaladesh
Overview: Set on the plane of Kaladesh, this expansion revolves around the Inventors’ Fair, a festival celebrating the invention of new and wondrous artifacts. The fair is backdrop to a storyline revolving around Chandra Nalaar, who is a native of the plane of Kaladesh. Looming in the background is the notorious Planeswalker Tezzeret, who is one of the judges at the fair.

Several new Planeswalkers are featured in Kaladesh. Chandra, of course being central to the storyline, gets a powerful new four mana card, Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Nissa also gets a new printing as Nissa, Vital Force. Dovin Baan is introduced as the first Vedalken Planeswalker and Saheeli Rai is a rare three mana Planeswalker, focusing on artifact matters.

Kaladesh includes three new mechanics; Energy, Vehicles, and Fabricate. Energy is a new resource that can be produced by lands and cards of any color. Energy persists through phases and turns, so players can create it and then save it to spend later on a variety of effects. Vehicles are a new subtype of artifacts with an ability called “Crew”. Essentially Vehicles turn into creatures when you tap creatures you control with power equal to or greater than the vehicle’s crew number. Fabricate is a mechanic that allows you to choose between +1/+1 counters and 1/1 Servo artifact tokens. For instance, a creature with Fabricate 2 can enter the battlefield with two counters or create two tokens.
Edition Breakdown: 264 Total Cards
Tournament Type: Modern, Legacy, Vintage
Foils: Yes
Border: Black
Symbol: Kaladesh

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