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Eldritch Moon

Set Name: Eldritch Moon
Overview: Eldritch Moon is the second installment of Shadows over Innistrad block. At last the madness that is consuming Innistrad is unveiled. After escaping from the dreaded Helvault, Nahiri is consumed by wrath, so much so that she is willing to doom an entire plane to get her vengeance. For Sorin’s refusal to assist the embattled plane of Zendikar, Nahiri has called Emrakul across the blind eternities. As Emrakul traverses the void between worlds, drawing ever closer, the Eldrazi’s influence begins tearing the plane apart, driving humans and angels insane, and mutating the denizens of Innistrad into disturbing horrors. Now, the newest member of the Gatewatch, Liliana, is the last hope to prevent an Eldrazi apocalypse. Can she raise an army of zombies powerful enough to overwhelm the dread old one, Emrakul?

Emrakul, the Promised End is unquestionably the marquee card of this set. Not only is Emrakul the actual set symbol, she is a gigantic, evasive creature with a Mindslaver-like ability attached to her. She automatical went into cubes and Commander decks, and also so play in super powerful formats like Vintage. On the other hand, Liliana the Last Hope is not only a major focal point of the story, but one of the most powerful cards in the set. Her abilities represent removal for small creatures, card advantage in the form of graveyard recursion, and an ultimate that can quickly win games.

Eldritch Moon features three new mechanics; Emerge, Escalate, and Meld. Emerge allows you to reduce the cost of an Eldrazi creature if you sacrifice another creature. The cost is reduced by the sacrificed creature’s converted mana cost. Escalate allows you to select multiple modes from a spell with Escalate, by paying the Escalate cost, which may require mana or another type of payment. Each time you pay the Escalate cost you may select an additional mode. Meld is an ability that allows two creatures to combine into a new and more powerful form.
Tournament Type: Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage
Foils: Yes
Border: Black
Symbol: Eldritch Moon

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