New Phyrexia: Chancellor of the Annex

Edition: New Phyrexia
Type: Creature - Phyrexian Angel
Cast: 4 W W W
Rarity: R
Pow/Tuf: 5/6
You may reveal this card from your opening hand. If you do, when each opponent casts their first spell of the game, counter that spell unless that player pays {1}.
Whenever an opponent casts a spell, counter it unless that player pays {1}.

Pro Tip!
Used to set up early-game combos in Black/Red Reanimator and Manaless Dredge by automatically Mana Tithe-ing the first spell your opponent casts. Not only is it strong for its opening hand effect, Chancellor of the Annex can be very powerful as a Reanimate target, as a 5/6 Flyer with a great effect.
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