March of the Machine: Invasion of Ikoria

Edition: March of the Machine
Type: Battle - Siege
Cast: X G G
Rarity: R
Collector #: 0190
(As a Siege enters, choose an opponent to protect it. You and others can attack it. When it's defeated, exile it, then cast it transformed.)
When Invasion of Ikoria enters the battlefield, search your library and/or graveyard for a non-Human creature with mana value X or less and put it onto the battlefield. If you search your library this way, shuffle.

Zilortha, Apex of Ikoria
Legendary Creature - Dinosaur
For each non-Human creature you control, you may have that creature assign its combat damage as though it weren't blocked.

Pro Tip!
This sort of Green Sun's Zenith effect is always useful, and this will certainly have an impact in at least Standard for that alone - although the back side is certainly not to be discounted.
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