New Battle Deck: Second Chance

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Not everybody gets a second chance, what will you do with yours?

Second Chance is a Mono-White creature deck with plenty of tricks up its sleeves! This unique twist on White bounces, rescues, resurrects...and then does it all over again!

This 60-card Magic: the Gathering deck is ready to play and tons of fun!

Battle Decks come with two unique tokens in a clear plastic case, ready for your enjoyment.

Battle Decks were created to be played with friends, and are not designed for any specific format, other than fun!

Looking to play “best 2 out of 3” games? Our Sideboard Starter can help you build an effective sideboard to counter whatever’s in your way!
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Deck List

Qty Title Rarity Cast Edition
1 Angel of the Dawn C 4W Commander Legends
3 Beskir Shieldmate C 1W Kaldheim
4 Codespell Cleric C W Kaldheim
3 Court Street Denizen C 2W Commander Legends
4 Doomskar Oracle C 2W Kaldheim
4 Kor Cartographer C 3W Kaldheim Commander Decks
4 Ninth Bridge Patrol C 1W Commander Legends
3 Shepherd of the Cosmos U 4WW Kaldheim
2 Stonecloaker U 2W Time Spiral Remastered
3 Stormfront Riders U 4W Time Spiral Remastered
1 Secluded Steppe U Commander 2020
4 Sunlance C W Time Spiral Remastered
1 Hinge Case (50 ct) M Packaging
1 Foam Insert M Packaging
1 Card Kingdom Product Sticker M Packaging
23 Wholesale Basic Plains Basic Land
1 Whitemane Lion C 1W Time Spiral Remastered