Battle Deck: Dino Might

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It took a comet to defeat the dinosaurs the first time, so what chance does your opponent have?

Dino Might is an aggro Red/Green ramp deck that crushes unsuspecting players beneath its massive feet. Quickly play huge dinosaurs, and start stomping everything in your path! This 60-card Magic: the Gathering deck is ready to play and tons of fun!

Battle Decks come with two unique tokens in a clear plastic case, ready for your enjoyment.

Battle Decks were created to be played with friends, and are not designed for any specific format, other than fun!

Looking to play “best 2 out of 3” games? Our Sideboard Starter can help you build an effective sideboard to counter whatever’s in your way!

Over time, decklists may change, but the theme and mechanics will remain intact.
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Deck List

Qty Title Rarity Cast Edition
1 Dino Might Fronts S Packaging
1 Dino Might Backs S Packaging
10 Wholesale Basic Mountain Basic Land
14 Wholesale Basic Forest Basic Land
4 Hunt the Weak C 3G Rivals of Ixalan
4 Ripscale Predator C 4RR Core Set 2020
4 Ornery Dilophosaur C 3G Core Set 2021
1 Foam Insert M Packaging
4 Colossal Dreadmaw C 4GG Core Set 2021
1 Card Kingdom Product Sticker M Packaging
4 Urban Daggertooth C 2GG Modern Horizons 2
4 Duskshell Crawler C 1G Modern Horizons 2
4 Big Play C 1G Strixhaven: School of Mages
2 Littjara Glade-Warden U 3G Kaldheim
3 Gift of Paradise C 2G Commander 2021
1 Hinge Case (50 ct) M Packaging
2 Furious Rise U 2R Core Set 2021
1 Escape Velocity U R Theros Beyond Death