Project Booster Chaos - Bundle Edition

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We've got all sorts of packs from all sorts of sets and we could not think of a better way to share them with you than by bundling them together and slashing the price. What will you get from this product? Only one way to find out!

A celebration of Project Booster Fun, each Project Booster Chaos - Bundle Edition includes:
  • 1x Bundle
  • 1x Draft Booster Pack
  • 1x Set Booster Pack
  • 1x Collector Booster Pack
  • 2x Theme Booster Packs
Boosters and bundles can be from any set in MTG history where one of that type exists. You won't find any Legends or Antiquities of course but there might be a surprise or two.

Wondering what to do with this product? Well, besides just opening the packs for fun, our favorite thing to do is crack them all and create a sealed deck from the contents. The Theme Boosters really help to fill out the deck while the other boosters provide much of the kick. The addition of a bundles provides the required lands and even more juice for our deck. Buy one with a friend and test your deckbuilding skills!

If you purchase more than one copy of this product you will likely receive the same assortment of boosters.

Limit 2 per customer per day.
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