Card Kingdom Sketch Pack Tokens

Card Kingdom Sketch Pack Tokens

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Introducing, the Card Kingdom Sketch Pack!

The CK token artists took YOUR ideas and put their own spin on them. With art chosen by the community, make an impact on your next game with hand-drawn, computer printed, hand-packed, artisanal Card Kingdom creations!

These sketch packs are only available for a limited time, so pick up yours today!

Includes two copies of each of the following tokens:
  • 3/3 Beast – King Raccoon
  • 1/1 Bird – Three different artist takes!
  • 3/3 Golem
  • 0/1 Kobold
  • 1/1 Merfolk with Hexproof
  • 1/1 Myr – Two different artist takes!
  • 1/1 Saproling – Killer Pumpkin
  • 1/1 Snake – Black with Deathtouch
  • 1/1 Snake – Green with Deathtouch
  • 1/1 Squirrel – Bane of Cities
  • 1/1 Spirit – The Clumsiest Ghost
  • 2/2 Wolf – Sleeping Corgi
  • 2/2 Zombie – Zombee (we’re sorry)

Artists whose work is featured: Brian Hughes, Kaitlin Peterson, Makenna Cornwall, Marlena Cote, Mel Burris, Michael Plondaya and Ren Murphy
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