9th Edition Theme Deck: Army of Justice

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White magic is all about taking control of combat, and that's exactly what the Army of Justice deck lets you do. You can lock your opponent's biggest creatures out of the battle entirely, and then pick off the leftover smaller creatures that dare to fight you. Your cheap creatures let you strike early, before your opponent's defenses are up, and then your Angels can finish the game with a powerful air attack.

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Deck List

Qty Title Rarity Cast Edition
1 Infantry Veteran C W 9th Edition
2 Suntail Hawk C W 9th Edition
3 Crossbow Infantry C 1W 9th Edition
2 Master Decoy C 1W 9th Edition
2 Veteran Cavalier C WW 9th Edition
1 Skyhunter Prowler C 2W 9th Edition
1 Venerable Monk C 2W 9th Edition
1 Ballista Squad U 3W 9th Edition
3 Angel of Mercy U 4W 9th Edition
1 Phyrexian Hulk U 6 9th Edition
1 Mending Hands C W 9th Edition
1 Righteousness R W 9th Edition
2 Pacifism C 1W 9th Edition
1 Glorious Anthem R 1WW 9th Edition
1 Chastise U 3W 9th Edition
16 Plains (334 D) L 9th Edition
1 Angel's Feather U 2 9th Edition
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