8th Edition Theme Deck: Life Boost

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The Life Boost deck lets you build your own army of Soldiers, with Angels to lead them. To win with this deck, play your small creatures as quickly as you can to deal some early damage. If your opponent manages to hold off your attackers, build a strong defense. Then you can start cautiously attacking again to get in those final points of damage.

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Deck List

Qty Title Rarity Cast Edition
17 Plains L 8th Edition
2 Suntail Hawk C W 8th Edition
2 Tundra Wolves C W 8th Edition
2 Angelic Page C 1W 8th Edition
2 Crossbow Infantry C 1W 8th Edition
3 Venerable Monk C 2W 8th Edition
1 Diving Griffin C 1WW 8th Edition
1 Seasoned Marshal U 2WW 8th Edition
2 Angel of Mercy U 4W 8th Edition
1 Staunch Defenders U 3WW 8th Edition
1 Healing Salve C W 8th Edition
1 Spirit Link U W 8th Edition
1 Blessed Reversal R 1W 8th Edition
1 Pacifism C 1W 8th Edition
1 Glorious Anthem R 1WW 8th Edition
1 Chastise U 3W 8th Edition
1 Ivory Cup U 1 8th Edition