Tribal Unity Chest

Tribal Unity Chest

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What’s your favorite tribe of Magic: The Gathering creatures? Maybe you love the otherworldly nature of spirits, or perhaps you enjoy commanding a legion of undead zombies, or maybe you prefer the chaotic nature of goblins.

But why choose just one, when you can have ten! The best part of Magic: The Gathering is the creatures, and our Tribal Unity Chest is packed full of all the best tribes in the game.

We’ve handpicked ten of the most fun tribes, and bundled them together with a deck of our special Red Box Edition of Card Kingdom creature tokens to give you the ultimate tribal experience!

Here is what you can expect in your Tribal Unity Chest:

400 total cards in NM or EX condition

10 different creature card playsets (4 of's) of 10 different tribes!

Each tribe will include at least one uncommon playset. Each Tribal Unity Chest will also come with our custom Card Kingdom Red Box Edition deck of Token Cards. These high quality, air-cushion finished cards feature original artwork of Justin Treadway and are made in the U.S.A. by the United States Playing Card Company.

Tribal Unity Chests are also packed in a custom Blue Card Kingdom cardboard box to keep your cards safe and sound.

Please note that if you purchase more than one Tribal Unity Chest you may receive all duplicate cards
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