Savage Guild Chest

Savage Guild Chest

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Two colors are better than one! For millennia, mages have perfected their craft in the hopes of becoming part of a guild, but we’ve got an easier method. Just pick up one of our Guild Chests and you’ll have full access to the two-color guild of your choice.


Members of the Savage Guild are full of animal rage, and wild blood that furiously pump through their veins, filling them with a primal strength that can crush anyone or anything in their way.

Each Guild Chest contains 520 cards, and here is what you can expect in your Savage Guild Chest:

25 Different playsets of Red Creatures
25 Different playsets of Red Spells
25 Different playsets of Green Creatures
25 Different playsets of Green Spells
4 Artifact that produces both colors of mana
3 Different playsets of Multicolor cards
20 Rares, on color! (no more than 2 of any single rare)
4 Different on color Mythic rares and/or Foil Rares
40 Forest
40 Mountain

*All cards are from a variety of sets and if you purchase Guild Chests with overlapping colors you may receive duplicate playsets of most or all cards*

*A playset is four copies of a card*

*Please note that we haven't quite finished upgrading our staff to mechanized workers. As such, you may find a duplicate playset here and there due to human error and the sheer number of different cards being allocated for these lots*
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