Card Kingdom Designer Draft: Lumeria, the Infinite City

Card Kingdom Designer Draft: Lumeria, the Infinite City

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“Welcome to Lumeria, the plane-spanning city without beginning or end!

Lumeria has existed for millennia – so vast and so impossible that no one being could control it.

But now, the location of an ancient artifact known as The Key, long since hidden by The First Architect, has been discovered. It is said that whoever possesses The Key will have the power to control Lumeria!

Will you protect Lumeria, or seek to remake it in your image?”

Card Kingdom presents Lumeria, The Infinite City, a designer draft set built using existing Magic: the Gathering cards to create a brand new, unique limited environment.

We have created a fun and exciting new limited format complete with print runs, secret mythics, and random one of a kind bonus cards. Like all of our custom products, it’s built with love, and designed for fun!

Visual Spoiler

Cards in the visual spoiler may vary in edition

Each bundle comes with 24 Packs of Lumeria and each pack contains:
10 Commons
3 Uncommons
1 Rare or Mythic Rare
1 Guildgate
1 Random Foil from across MTG

Chances of getting a Mythic rare are 1:8 packs
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